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Terms of Use

Www.taxiway.gr website and booking engine is under the ownership and operation of Synetarismos taxi Thessalonikis ‘Taxiway’ Syn.P.E based in Sykies Omieou Street 12 Thessaloniki vat 999 545 079 Tax number E and nymber GEMI 124 097 704 000/ 07.10.2013 , company owner and manager of www.taxiway.gr.

By using the service reservation directly from the taxiway or other distribution channels, such as websites associated with accepting the waiver of claims , you agree to be bound by the following terms of use and furthermore confirm that you have the legal ability to accept these terms and conditions in your name or on behalf of your fellow passengers .

If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions then regrettably you can not make reservations through our website.


Taxiway features for users of the Internet , data and services offered by its members and cooperating parties. Through this reservation system the end user can reserve and pay for the transfer of the available destinations across Greece. All these services and products are subject to these terms of use.  Taxiway is not responsible for issues arising from the service provided by a member of the company and available through the reservation system.  In any case of dispute or if these terms do not fully satisfy you, your license to use this site or any related service, automatically suspended.



Taxiway.gr is available in Greek , English, German and Russian. The terms of use for users are only in Greek and in English, while in case of any deviation the Greek version shall prevail.


To request and contracting for your transfer, you must follow the relevant booking process on our website. All reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled transfer.

We have the right to refuse any transfer demand from you. We do not guarantee that we can fulfill successfully every transfer request.
With the completion of the reservation you will receive a confirmation message.


It is the responsibility of the reservation to notify the taxiway through the service if you do not receive the confirmation message, or if any of the booking details are incorrect. All the details you have entered /or have requested to be introduced in the booking process will be displayed in detail in the confirmation message and the last page after payment. Please print and keep this information for your records.

You confirm that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of the service. We reserve the right if payment can not be made to cancel the reservation and the service will not run.

Any cancellation is subject to the following cancellation charges: 

There will be no charge for reservations canceled 48 hours before carrying out the transfer and returned the money outside any withheld money from your bank or online payment company.

Within the last 48 hours before the transfer can be made specific changes in the reservation provided by the service and will not be refund of the reservation.

Please note that in the last step of the booking process will be displayed in detail all elements of the reservation to check them before the procedure and the transfer confirmed complete. Please check and fix any mistakes.



Upon completion of the transaction will automatically be charged the amount depending on the payment method selected. The transaction will be presented in a statement of account as Cooperative Taxiway. Immediately, a proof of payment will be sent to your email address (as it has been introduced in the booking process), which confirms that the transaction was completed.




Taxiway control all transport arrivals for possible delays therefore will wait until your arrival. In the unlikely event that the driver and client can not meet the predetermined area, we will try to locate the client via the telephone to be declared.

However, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a correct and valid mobile phone number (including international code) in the booking process. Failing this, the customer assumes responsibility to contact taxiway and to report any delays or problems locating the driver.

No funds will be recovered a) if the user of the booking does not provide a valid phone number and do not contact the 24 hour emergency number (0030 2310866866), resulting in lost transfer, b) if the client does not provide proper travel information (flight number, time, etc.), resulting in lost transfer, as we will not have correct details to check on arrival.

If you need additional vehicle (such as excessive or oversized baggage, additional passengers, etc) will apply such additional charges for additional or different vehicle.

Passenger baggage however, carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage from the taxiway.

All vehicles used by the taxiway, bring all necessary papers and documents in accordance with Greek legislation.

Unusual requirements not included in the booking engine, our company negotiate and try to cover them. There is however no guarantee that such requests will be done.

The payment amount covers all possible charges including waiting time (arrival at airport).


Taxiway is not liable for claims above the amount paid by the customer. In the unlikely event of failure to provide the service, the customer is entitled to compensation corresponding to the amount already paid. They can not be claimed other claims.

Please note that in all destinations, drivers reserve the right to deny boarding to passengers vehicles under the influence of alcohol or exhibit inappropriate behavior. In such cases no money returned.

When there are restrictions on access, such as infrastructure, traffic conditions etc. The vehicle will stop to collect passengers from the nearest point which is accessible at the point of receipt or disembarkation. Even in cases where the shortest and convenient road is closed due to an accident , weather conditions, etc., and the vehicle at the request of the client take a different, longer route to reach its destination, it may occur additional costs.


Regarding all insurance matters on the services clearly stated and accepted that since taxiway retains only cooperation with vehicles for which insurance coverage is compulsory by law, the responsibility lies entirely the owner of the vehicle.


Passengers are entitled to luggage attributable to one bag or suitcase per person, maximum combined size (length, width + height) is 158 cm and 1 carry-on luggage, such as small bags, unless options are set during the booking process. Baggage must bear the name and owner of the destination address.

Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. The passenger is responsible for all costs if called additional vehicles for the transport of non- declared baggage.

We accept no responsibility if the customer includes in his luggage or wear on his person any article contrary to the laws of the country (firearms, drugs, contraband, etc.), nor to those who may carry baggage with them that are harmful any third party, nor any animals outside prearranged detention and transfer to a suitably shaped cages for this reason, nor any oversized figures, sensitivity, or anything else that can cause damage and losses.

Taxiway recommends not transported fragile or valuable items, such as jewelry, money, precious metals, silverware, checks or other negotiable documents of title, and so on.

The transport of luggage and other personal items is entirely the responsibility of the customer and in no case can taxiway be held responsible for any loss or damage.


Taxiway ensure confidentiality in the management of the data of all customers . Your online payments are secured by ssl certificates certified by PAYPAL.


All travel services, the design, code, graphics, etc. of this website is protected by intellectual property laws. Any use without written certification is a violation of the law. In the absence of clear written statement, taxiway and all associates do not permit anyone to use any information regarding the service, brand, or commercial information displayed.

Taxiway reserves every right to adjust and change the terms of use without warning. Using this service will always abide by the recent terms and conditions displayed.

In case of disagreement regarding the services or any of the terms, are exclusively responsible Greek courts.

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