Fitness Fun, by One Salonica and Warehouse 7

This week at One Salonica Outlet Mall, fashion and fitness become…One!

One Salonica joins forces with Warehouse 7, the supreme fitness center of the city, and organizes the most incredible training sessions based on the latest trends in the field of fitness. On the occasion of the beachwear extra sale week, One Salonica secured the best trainers to show us how to build the ultimate beach body, giving us a taste of the season’s hottest workouts! And all this, with fun as the main axis!

At the same time, the summer mood will soar, thanks to the explosive DJ set that will accompany the training sessions. Participation is free. The sessions will take place on the ground floor of One Salonica, according to the following schedule:

SPINNING, Thursday 16.06 at 18:30

Come experience the most complete aerobic indoor cycling workout, performed to the accompaniment of music. The training is divided into 3 parts: the warm-up, the main part consisting of varying the intensity and the recovery. With the use of stationary bicycles and the guidance of the specialized Spinning Instructor, the program is adapted to the needs of each athlete, improving their cardiorespiratory function and exercising legs, abs, shoulders and arms. The program is for everyone regardless of age and background.

SURFSET, Friday 17.06 at 18:30

The absolute trend in work-out! The new SurfSet board is inspired by surfing, offering everyone the opportunity to improve their fitness in a unique and fun way…all on land! It offers balance, muscle strengthening, core strengthening, proprioception, fat burning and cardiorespiratory improvement. And lots of laughs! You have never experienced a training session like this before!

SRT BOOT CAMP, Saturday 18.06 at 13:00

Time for the most dynamic class, with the new SRT bars that train the whole body effectively and safely! Using the SRT bar springs adds another level of movement to the exercise, working more muscle groups at the same time and improving body coordination. Suitable for everyone, under the sounds of the most exciting dj set!

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