Life initiative by Taxiway and Euromedica general clinic of Thessaloniki

With the aim of providing the best possible care to its members and employees, Taxiway entered into a new partnership with the Euromedica General Clinic of Thessaloniki. The Taxiway health card is addressed to all owners, drivers, employees and of course their families. The benefits of this specific health plan are as follows: minimizes the cost of medical & diagnostic tests, ensures preferential prices for hospitalization & interventional procedures, offers primary and secondary health services to people without insurance coverage, at particularly preferential prices, ensures members of the basic annual diagnostic examinations (check up) at a low cost, covers the health of the children of the company’s members fully with their registration in the “Euromedica junior club” pediatric support program. The program is offered for free, with no annual subscription.


24-hour telephone service, clinical examinations for emergencies, free of charge for the examinee, in the following specialties: • Pathologist • Cardiologist • Pediatrician • Surgeon. Provision of regular medical examinations of all specialties. Diagnostic tests, in case the state insurance institution is not used, at PD/GAZ prices. Diagnostic tests covered by EOPYY and served by the clinic (with referral) with 15% participation regardless of limitations. For diagnostic tests not covered by EOPYY, a 50% discount is provided on the clinic’s price list. Special prices for check up diagnostics. Free pre-operative/diagnostic check-up. Free ambulance transport in cases of emergency or planned hospitalization. 15% discount on hospital stays or room category upgrade. Special surgery and hospitalization packages at preferential prices. Preferential prices in specialized centers and beauty services for women.

The health card will be given to Taxiway members in June, until then the benefits of the program will be offered to them by stating their name and membership number at the radio taxi.

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