Offer for Taxiway members for the show “Our Big Circus”

“Our big circus” by I. Campanellis, a work full of Greece, after the success it achieved at the Nodo Junior Polyhous, will be presented for 4 unique performances at the Fargani Theater on April 15-16-17-18, at 9:15 p.m. from the Lampioni Theater Company. Through satirical and dramatic scenes as well as some of Xarchakos’ wonderful songs, a retrospective is made of the history of Greece from the Turkish occupation, Othon, the Asia Minor disaster, the 1940 war and the occupation. A unique show where laughter and sadness alternate with absolute respect for the facts.

Ticket sales at the theater box office.

Offer for Taxiway members and their families, only 6 euros per ticket by showing the smartcard.

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