Preferential prices for our members at Fotinakis Driving Schools

The “Foteinakis” driving school, with 35 years of experience in the field, is a sure choice for those who wish to learn all the secrets of the wheel. All these years it has been a leading player in the Thessaloniki market and offers prospective drivers all the necessary supplies to safely and responsibly practice driving all kinds of vehicles. At the “Foteinakis” candidate driver institute, you can obtain diplomas for all categories of vehicles with the help of excellent driving instructors who will be by your side throughout the learning process, to teach you how to drive safely. The theoretical courses held at the school by a traffic education teacher for all categories are also extremely educational, which contribute to the high success rate of our students in the exams, a rate that reaches 87%. . The school has new Toyota Yaris training cars, engines of all displacements and a truck.


At the “Foteinakis” driving school you can obtain a B amateur diploma, for two-wheelers (from 50 Kw to unlimited), for a bus (D PEI), for a truck (C PEI) and E (cart). C and D holders can attend seminars for obtaining the PEI. We undertake revisions of diplomas, replacement to a new type of diploma, loss of diplomas, transfers of cars, trucks and buses, registrations, issuing of digital tachographs, vehicle inheritances, trailer licences, KTEO and insurances.

For Taxiway members, preferential prices are provided for the renewal of the professional and special license. For more information contact the secretariat at 2310246104 or the school’s telephone numbers 2310915891 and 2310932959.

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