The Regular Pan-Hellenic Day of Union 18300 was held with great success on Saturday, March 18, at the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Trikala.

The day was organized with great success by the local member of 18300, PT Trikala and the present was given by delegations of the Boards of the permanent members of the Union as well as its candidate members.

The Conference was greeted by local rulers of the city, including the Mayor of the city, regional councilors, the President of the Chamber and the director of the Trikala Traffic Police, while old and new fellow travelers and partners of the Union such as CHATZISPYROU AUTOGROUP, the CARDLINK, NOVA, but also PEUGEOT SIOKOS, the brand’s local representative, who informed the members about what’s new on the market.

In the continuation of the speech, members of the Board of Directors of the Union took the floor as well as Presidents of its local Radio members, who with their positions agreed on the need for the existence and strengthening of the Union so that it can be a lever of pressure on our trade union bodies for the modernization of the profession, but also an agent of development and development of PTs as well as a barrier against the invasion of local and multinational private applications.

It is also worth noting that the Conference highlighted the new Board of Directors of 18300, the composition of which you will be informed again with a press release issued by the Union.

Finally, let’s say that Taxiway was represented by a ten-member delegation, showing with our presence once again that we are a cornerstone of the project.

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