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A tour of the most important monuments of Thessaloniki to see.

(Estimated duration of the tour: 3 hours)
  • Starting from the castles, in the area of Ano Poli, which survived the fire in 1917, we visit the walls which the city was surrounded by until the end of the 19th century, the monastery of Vlatades, the tower of Trigoni, the Old Town, the Byzantine fortifications Yedi Kule which were later to be used as a place of detention for political prisoners, and the Eastern Byzantine Walls.
  • The church of St. Dimitrios, protector of the city, and the catacombs of the early Christian years.
  • The ancient Roman forum which was the center of the Roman city and formed its economic and commercial core.
  • Three of the oldest Byzantine churches of our city, namely Panagia ton Chalkeon, Acheiropoietos and Agia Sofia.
  • The Archaeological, Byzantine as well as the Jewish museum.
  • Lefkos Pirgos (The White Tower), fortifications of Ottoman construction, which were later used as a lodge for the guard of janissaries and as a prison for people sentenced to death; also, the statue of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia.
  • The former royal summer palace (Kivernio).
  • Last, there is the possibility of a ride by the sea until the area of N. Krini in the Marina of Kalamaria, which offers a view to the city and the Thermaic Gulf.

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