Cooperation of Taxiway with the Thessaloniki Hotel Association

A new era begins for tourism in Thessaloniki, as Taxiway, as one of the main pillars of tourism in the city, joins forces with the Thessaloniki Hotel Association, with the common goal of the excellent image of the city and impeccable service to visitors. For this purpose, we have entered into new contracts with hotels in the city, which we supply with state-of-the-art tablets with an integrated application for calling a radio taxi, so as to help with fast service, while at the same time giving the customer the opportunity to use the application himself. Also, as part of our cooperation, we proceeded to donate the Union’s participation in the Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017 tourism exhibition in order to promote the city’s hotels in Greece and abroad, so as to create new partnerships that will bring even more tourists to the city . All together, united we move forward to make Thessaloniki the ultimate tourist destination.

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