Taxiway’s new partnership with

The professional guide started as a tool for promoting businesses on the internet. The high traffic of members and users of the guide (over 3000 views per day), the acceptance of Google in its searches and the desire of more and more businesses to join the base of the website’s members lead its administrators to develop and upgrade its software. Thus, you turn from a simple display tool into a large business search engine with sophisticated and very fast methods.

In this version of the guide we have provided all the basis for the search so that a simple user can easily and quickly find the company, the professional or the store he wants. The application is made in a responsive framework and runs through any web browser that means that the image you adjust automatically from any medium and open (PC, tablet, mobile, TV) without having to install any additional application.

Four different search methods help users to never face zero search result which is very tiring.

Members (registered active businesses) have the possibility to edit and update their listing through an easy-to-use and easy-to-read management form designed even for the most novice user. Thus you have the possibility to add photos, texts, offers, price lists and words keys to your listing without waiting in huge call center queues for a simple data change.

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