Share a secret with Aegean

The much-photographed sunsets, endless beaches and famous sights
everyone knows them. However, the great beauty of Greece is hidden in the thousands,
her little secrets.

On the beach where no car can reach. On that particular bench that has the best view. In a custom that is not written in the pages of tourist guides.
In a dessert or food that is made only one day a year.

Think of your own place, find the most special, little secret that would be worth living, seeing,
for a visitor to our country to hear, taste and share it with us, with photos and a few words about it.

Together with Giannis Antetokounmpo we will collect them, and share them translated, with all foreign visitors who want to see Greece,
through our own eyes.

Let’s show the beauty of Greece to the whole world!

Giannis has already started… send too!

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