Pozar Baths

At the foot of Mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan), 13 km west of Aridaia, 40 km from Edessa and 100 km from Thessaloniki, we find the thermal baths Loutra Pozar Loutraki or Loutra Pozar Almopia – one of the most valuable springs in Europe “under the fire” (as their name implies). Known from legends and other finds, these thermal waters have flowed since the time of Alexander the Great, while their use is also witnessed during the Roman and Byzantine periods. They were declared medicinal in 1920.

The modern spa town, with organized facilities harmoniously linked to a wonderful natural environment, gathers every year a large number of visitors, who wish to combine rest, relaxation and stimulation with the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters. People of all ages – lovers of steam therapy – trust bath therapy for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems, for rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. In addition, positherapy for diseases of the liver and kidneys, digestive and urinary systems.

The lime-carbonate springs of the Pozar Baths, with a rich flow of up to 650 cubic meters per hour and a temperature ranging from 26°C to 37°C, spring up at an altitude of 360-390 m and along the bed of the Thermopotamos or Rema Nikolaou which originates from the Kaimaktsalan and crosses the valley creating an amazing landscape. There are two hydrotherapy centers operating in the spa town. The thermal water is channeled through high-flow pipes to specially designed indoor, individual or group pools, hammams, jacuzzis, spas.

A large, Olympic-sized swimming pool is available for swimming in winter and summer, while the more adventurous prefer the small waterfalls and natural steaming ponds by the river.

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