Asterocosmos TEF- Helexpo

The holidays are approaching and with them the largest Christmas “village” in Thessaloniki opens its doors. Ice rinks, Christmas workshops, children’s shows and many other events for young and old await you in the magical world of Asterocosmos. Taxiway will be there to celebrate with you and meet all your transportation needs.

Why visit Asterocosmos:

  • For the amazing Luna-Park with 16 games (I climb as many times as I want)!
  • For the 2 ice rinks (I ride as many times as I want!)
  • For the Scandalous Elf Village with its 4 amazing interactive Elf Houses and the “Elf Works” shows (I go as many times as I want!)
  • For the acrobatic shows, the interactive workshops, the children’s shows, Karagiozis, the Marionettes and dozens of other actions that change daily!
  • Because I have free parking that ensures comfortable & safe access to the site!

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